Pitino Really Planning Ahead

Rick Pitino sure knows how to make news. Today he was asked an otherwise non-controversial question in a news conference, and his response is making national news, being picked up in media including USA Today.

Pitino's quote is making headlines

The question was about the big week ahead for U of L. Here’s what he said:

“One thing I do because of my age is that I really don’t look ahead,” he said. “For years I have been preaching the precious present. When you’re 59, you’re realistic that you don’t have a whole lot of years left. My contract is going to run out in 2017. I’m not coaching any more after that. I just enjoy exactly where I’m at. I’m really enjoying getting ready for Georgetown.”

This was likely no secret to anyone in the Rick’s inner circle, and it’s a long time until 2017. At most places, such an announcement would be met with astonishment that a college basketball coach would presume he’ll be able to keep from getting fired for that long.  But you’ve got to believe that Pitino has this all planned out, and that he’ll become as famous for analyzing college basketball for TV as he is for coaching.