Pitino up for a Brutal day, Calipari on good ol’ Rocky Top.

Best playing goes out to the Kentucky Wildcats today against the  Tennessee Vols @ NoonET.  Coach Calipari is on a killing streak, and for Cats fans it’s “Game On”! Good ol Rocky Top, we hope you take a fall today.
Catch it on ESPN tv or UK IMG radio

After we watch the Cats- don your Cardinal Red for Pitino’s matchup today at 4pm.

The Cards play DePaul, in what the Ville fans hope will be a win to rectify the Godfather of the YUM! Center.
It does actually amaze me that my loyal UL fans are actually turning on their beloved Pitino. Always drinking the Cards Kool-aid, my UL Buddies are so viciously loyal to the cause, that the current rumblings about Pitino are shocking!

No one is talking about the lack of leadership on the court, by team members and players, most are beating the war chant for Pitino’s head. And Pitino is not taking it well. Is hi arrogance showing through? That true Italian coming out?

Or is he uber-defensive because he is guilty of slacking off as the Godfather?

Is that accurate? Is it all the fault of Coach P or does the responsibility fall on all the staff coordinators and coaches, as well as the players? Let’s face it , as a Cats fan, I am no stranger to crappy teams and seasons.

Take UK’s last FB season. Pitiful. But even sitting through so many home games, watching the Newton Nightmare, we didn’t call for his head, no. It’s worse. The old school, die hard Blue Nation sends a deeper, clearer message. Spooky in fact.

The section of which I speak at Commonwealth is full of Kentucky fans who have been around since The Rupp Runts.

It’s like sitting amongst 2000+ clones of my Father. And when KY is playing like trash, these fans aren’t on their feet like at Papa’s, no.

They sit back, cross their arms and go silent. It’s like that look your dad gives you when you miss curfew or wreck the car.

The silence is deafening.

I have seen plays so awful, that all you can literally hear in the bowl of Commonwealth, is the flag softly hitting the grass and a lone ref’s whistle. You could hear a pin drop.

And in true Gene Brown Tandy style, if they are losing so badly, (he called it ” falling down through their own a**”)  that the sea of blue just leaves in disgust.

Are we surprised that my Cards fans are calling for Pitino’s head!?  Never thought I would see it happen.  It used to be you knew that the UK fans were the most rabid, and UL the most loyal, no matter what. Are the tides turning? Could it be that UL is beginning to usurp our title of the most vicious/coach fickle fans?

The difference is, Cats fans see the blame under the team’s COO ( head coach)  a failure. We call for Joker to replace the entire staff of coordinating coaches, and some players. Clearly, if you have no defense, no offense, and one QB, the whole system is flawed.
It’s up to the COO to hire and train the best team to train on multi levels, under his tutelage.

I wonder which method is more effective at passing the judgement to a losing team, vicious vocal attacks or the deafening disapproval?

In any case, I am anxious for all the BB action today, good luck to both.
I hope neither team gets the cold shoulder today.


Mimi & Cyn courtside @ Rupp