Planning a Big Party with Little Time.

According to, we have “477 items to do and 112 items overdue.” I keep looking at that checklist, then closing it when I see the timeline. Apparently, I should have had colors picked out and a venue booked long before I got this diamond ring.

What’s really frustrating is that TheKnot is not the only thing telling me how far behind I am. We’ve been to a couple of wedding shows recently, and the first question we are asked is, “When is your wedding?” When we answer “July,” they respond with great trepidation, “This July?!” After nodding the affirmative, we always receive the same response: You need to call us tomorrow morning. Seriously. You are really behind.

I understand that a wedding is a big understaking, and the details are already killing my buzz. But I think it’s possible to host a great event with just a few months’ — or even a few weeks’ — preparation. I get that vendors are trying to make a sale, but every time someone fusses at us for being “behind schedule,” I immediately cross said vendor off my list. Relax, people. This is supposed to be fun.

We’ve got most of the major stuff booked — at least the important stuff to us. We have a date, a venue, and the best party band in this town. It helps that I’m a musician, of course, but it seems that everyone’s got connections to at least one part of their wedding. And if they have no connections, then they clearly aren’t artists or in the food service, so can probably afford a wedding without connections. Anyway, we know there will be a party at a certain location on a certain date. That’s enough, right?