Plans Unveiled to Boost Jobs in Kentucky

Jim Gray, the mayor of Lexington, has revealed a new plan that is designed to work on boosting jobs within Kentucky. This is welcome news to any families that have been struggling to find gainful employment, and it is also good news for students who are worried that, upon graduating from college, they will be unable to find work.

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A Focus on Infrastructure and Business Loans

Jim Gray’s plan is to stimulate the state’s economy in two key ways: allowing more access to the small business loans that are necessary for brand new startups to get going, and encouraging investments into large scale infrastructure projects that will not only create jobs but also make Kentucky an even more attractive place to live, work, and play.

experience in the Business World

Because Gray has experience with operating a family-owned and operated construction company, he wants to let the citizens of Kentucky know that he is well aware of the struggles that business owners face. By portraying himself as a successful businessperson, he can prove that he has already created jobs in the state in order to help people.

Creating Jobs in Several Different Ways

Gray’s plan appeals to a variety of people because it is centered on investments into infrastructure, as well as the education, such as an online masters in business administration, that is needed to not only create jobs within the state, but also attract more businesses to Kentucky.

His goal is to repair bridges and roads throughout Kentucky, but he also wants to focus on building many new roads and bridges. These plans include adding an expansion to the Hal Rogers Parkway, which is found in the southeastern portion of the state.

According to Gray, the infrastructure throughout the state is dated, and it is time to make much-needed improvements, not only for beautification, but also for safety. These infrastructure projects are sure to create plenty of new jobs.

On top of that, Gray focused on the need to increase access to high-speed Internet, particularly throughout the rural areas of Kentucky. In taking this simple step, residents and local businesses will benefit, but it will also end up attracting newer businesses and larger companies that will employ even more people.

He also stated his hopes that the federal government would consider removing regulations that are in place and making it difficult for community banks to provide loans to new business owners. And he wishes to focus upon the export of goods from the state, as well as the implementation of equal pay for women and a higher minimum wage.

Even though Gray did not specifically state where the money for these ideas would come from, he did say that he may implement a tax on overseas earnings, and he also stated that he would consider other options as well.