LouisvilleKY Loves Its Tailspin Ale Fest

photo by Lisa Dean

On Being a Volunteer Pourer at LouisvilleKY’s Tailspin

For Pete’s Sake. . . that was the chocolate-peanut butter beer I was pouring, along with Sweet Baby Jesus, which, was just about as good. I was told the difference was a single percent of alcohol, but no one I spoke to mentioned any difference. I’m no beer connoisseur, and prior to the Tailspin Ale Fest at LouisvilleKY’s Bowman Field on Saturday, I wasn’t “in” on the craft beer scene.

The big check presented by Laura Melillo Barnum, Tisha Gainey and Trevor Cravens to Stan Siegwald of Dare to Care at Tailspin

I spent several hours as a volunteer beer pourer on an unbelievably clear and warm February day. Pouring beer is a fun job, I discovered, especially when you get to sample the stuff yourself. I have no idea how many 3 ounce pours I did in those two and a half hours, likely somewhat under the announced attendance of 2,500.

What’s not in doubt is the success of Tailspin, a 3-year-old champion which surpassed its goal by raising $12,390 for the Dare to Care Food Bank. Organizers Tisha Gainey and Trevor Cravens (both of whom have been Rusty Satellite Show guests) had all the details down pat — from transportation shuttles in and out to making sure everyone knew to choose Uber or Lyft rather than driving home.

From a selection of about a half-dozen food trucks, there was no difficulty finding something interesting to eat along with the unending beer choices.

Nonetheless, there was plenty of do between beer rounds, including listening to great music, especially for those who like to talk the talk of the craft beer culture.

Laura Melillo Barnum of Yum! Brands was among the sponsors making the event a financial success. “The Yum! Bands Foundation was a proud partner with the big-hearted folks who created the Tailspin Ale Fest. Raising over $12,000 to put food in the mouths of those without, is an incredible way to give back to the community!”

You can still vote and help make Tailspin the best beer festival in the country here.


photo by Lisa Dean
this photo and featured photo by Lisa Dean