Power Play Against Williams? A Name Rises!

First of all let me tell you that anything in this particular entry is merely speculation. That being said, the information comes from a pretty reliable Frankfort insider.

It’s crystal clear Republican Senate President David Williams will lose the Governor’s race to incumbent Steve Beshear next week. Badly. The margin will be large. Possibly large enough for Beshear to claim a mandate and try to force some legislation through the next session of the General Assembly. But could it also be large enough to topple Williams from power in the Kentucky State Senate? On the surface it seems unlikely, but this particular insider seems to think some GOP Senators are already plotting to overthrow Williams when leadership elections roll around.

Sen. Tom Jensen

He is of the opinion that there could be enough votes inside the GOP caucus to strip Williams of his post. I found that difficult to fathom until he explained his reasoning. This source believes that there are enough relatively new Senators who don’t like Williams’ style of using the bully-pulpit, that he could be defeated by an alternative candidate for Senate President. My mind leaped right away to WHO they could be thinking of, but I can’t see any of Williams’ current team who would run against him. The insider agreed then told me there is a compromise candidate. His name is Tom Jensen and he’s the Senator from District 21. His district actually abuts Williams district and the two have been known to work hard for their consituents. Jensen has a reputation for working across party lines, and has managed to cultivate some serious support through his chairmanship of the Judiciary committee.

One other thing Jensen knows is what it’s like to be in the minority. He was House Minority floor leader for several years back in the 90’s, so the man knows how to reach across the aisle. Something Williams has little desire to do, and likely be even less inclined to do when he loses to Beshear next week. I’m told Jensen isn’t actively seeking the post, but will take it if approached by the renegade Republicans. That is IF they mount a serious challenge to the Burkesville Reublican.

So after the election next week, this will likely be the focus of Kentucky political insiders for the next several months.