Pre-Approved Credit Cards

Don't believe the offers

Can anyone explain to me how I can receive a PRE-APPROVED credit card offer from a nationally-known banking firm, that says “Take advantage of 15 months of interest-free payments”…. “You have already been pre-approved to receive this fantastic offer”….”We offer generous credit limits, and give you the opportunity to transfer balances for the same 15-month interest-free period (3% transfer charge)…. “Call us today, or fill out and return the enclosed form, or go to our website.  It only takes 5 minutes”….

So I go to the website, fill out the info (which only took 5 minutes), hit “apply” and within 45 seconds I get the following message……”We’re sorry, but we cannot approve your account at this time.  For further information, please enter your e-mail address and you will be contacted with the reasons within 7-10 business days.