Prepare for the Weekend – Your Louisville Guide

It’s an action-packed weekend ahead, and local newsmakers have been busy giving citizens stuff to talk about. Let’s review. . .

Omni HotelThat Omni Looks Awesome: But will it really happen? (

Will Anyone Really Miss the Phoenix Hill and Jim Porter’s? If you’re a local you’ve likely got some great memories, but had you been to either one lately? The closing was abrupt. (

My Girlfriend, and 3 Funny Dudes, Together: In the 100th episode of the Rusty Satellite Show. Come to the big party tonight.

Let’s Hear it For Mimi Hwang: After a Jefferson County prosecutor made racist comments about Asian-Americans, former Rusty Satellite guest Mimi Hwang took action, organizing public protests of the original punishment given to Karl Price. After review, Mike O’Connell suspended the lawyer. (Insider)

Please, Pharaoh, End This Streak: Horseracing needs a Triple Crown winner. 37 years is too long. The Belmont is Saturday. (WDRB)

You Know What Summer Means: If you struggle with COPD or asthma, you know why Louisville gets an F for its ozone level. I wrote about it here. (Insider)

Mayor Drinks an Old-Fashioned: It’s Official. Louisville has an Official Cocktail. (Courier)

It’s the Weekend: Check out Vault in the Ville, Denim & Diamonds, Jtown’s Summer Craft Beer Fest, NCAA Tournament baseball at Patterson Field, the comedy of the Louisville Improvisers at the Flea Off Market. No sitting at home.

How to Make Authentic Detroit Pizza: Watch for this new video series from my friends at Loui Loui’s.

Yes, Everybody Does Seems to be Buying or Selling: Bob Sokoler says the Louisville home sales market is on fire. Sales are up 13 percent, but the number of homes on the market is down. For more, check out Bob’s video: