Queen Was Killer

From the Music of Queen

The Music of Queen, a production of the Louisville Orchestra, absolutely rocked out the Louisville Palace.

Brody Dolyniuk showed he could do a pretty mean Freddie Mercury. Though his pants may not have been as tight as Freddie’s, his voice was right on in matching the Queen singer. With his slight build, hairstyle, quirky facial gestures and pelvic thrusts, I kept thinking this is what it would be like if Jim Carrey starred in a movie about Freddie Mercury.

The crowd didn’t fill the Palace, and skewed older than any rock and roll show I’d ever seen. But Dolyniuk prodded them to get on their feet, building to a crescendo for “We Will Rock You” and “We Are the Champions.” No one in the place was frowning.

At one point, a “radio contest winner” came on stage and conducted the Orchestra, and put on a quite a show with the baton.

Dolyniuk, upon further research, is quite the man of many voices, and is debuting a show in Las Vegas doing impressions in June.  Next year, the same company will be back in town with a show dedicated to the music of The Who.

Here’s a video from the show: