Raisin Cain And Lowering The Boom

Herman Cain is no longer a presidential candidate, and he blames the media for stirring up the controversy that knocked him out of the race. He’s exactly right. It is the media’s fault and thank goodness for that. See Herman it’s called vetting the candidates.

Herman is out, thanks to the media

Like it or not, the media has become the only real way for voters to see, and rate candidates in any major political race. Most-if not all-candidates understand this. While they might not welcome the exposure, they all court the media relentlessly. They will deny it forever, but they do.

Cain’s troubles began when several different women came forward alleging sexual harassment and improper behavior over a period of years. Cain weathered that pretty well, although his Iowa polling numbers began to slip. However last week when Louisville native Ginger White accused him of carrying on a long-term sexual relationship, it all went south for Cain in a hurry. Not only did his numbers drop like a rock, his handling of the situation was like watching a kindergarteners try to learn Calculus. Instead of coming clean right away, Cain admitted to everything in slow, drawn out phases. No doubt making PR consultants across the country cringe in embarrassment for their profession.

Cain’s primary blunder was to blame the media. This is precisely what the media SHOULD do in this day and age. voters and constituents seem to get no real feedback or answers from politicians and elected officials, so they must increasingly rely on the media to vet candidates and policies being implemented. The media is not out to play gotcha all the time. I admit it does happen, but not nearly with the frequency claimed by politicians and some of their supporters. If anything voters and the public should embrace the job done by the dreaded “Liberal Media”. A free press is one of the things this country should be thankful for every day.