Random Notes Home and Away

Normally I write about politics, but since I’ve been out of touch a bit for the past week, I thought I’d paste a few things together about my time away. Most of it was spent in Baltimore, and Virginia. The Baltimore portion was business while the rest was friends and family time.

The business side was extremely informative. I learned a lot about my job and the field in which I’m now employed. Fortunately, the conference was held in Baltimore, whinch means CRAB! Yes we all had a lot of crab for dinner each night. crab cakes, steamed crab, even soft shell crab sandwiches.  I was also happy to reconnect with my best friend and her family after a long time apart.

 I also spent several days with my own family, including some good Uncle time with my darling 12 year-old niece. She’s smart, beautiful, talented, and a very nice kid, which makes me wonder if we’re really related sometimes. I was also attacked by an ostrich-much to her delight.  I discovered I have a talent for hanging mini-blinds, and my sister’s dog hates me.

Through it all, I did manage to ascertain that nothing has been accomplished in the special session on Frankfort–except spending lots of money! Both Governor Beshear, and Senate President Williams should be ashamed of themselves for politicizing this session to the point of  gridlock. All they’ve managed to do is point fingers and taunt each other, which gets nothing done-and we all pay the tab.

 Just remember. BOTH of these guys are running for governor!