Reaction to Mayor’s Budget — Council Not Unanimous in Support

David James, David Yates and Jerry Miller have reactions to the Mayor's address

Here are reactions to the Mayor’s Budget Proposal — especially in the Southwest, Fischer gets praise for funding the Library, but Republicans including Jerry Miller and Ken Fleming were disappointed with the end result. There’s no doubt that this budget is an improvement, with no mention of cuts, layoffs or furloughs.

“The Mayor’s proposal is a very workable approach to providing the services of government such as public safety, sanitation, economic development and maintaining and improving infrastructure. It is encouraging to know that the improving economy is slowly helping us restore services that had to be cut in tougher times. Through cooperation and open discussion, we have managed to navigate through the toughest of our economic times.”

Jim King, District 10 President of the Louisville Metro Council


“I appreciate the Mayor’s approach to this budget by reviewing all areas of savings and revenues. It is innovative instead of reactionary. I especially thank our public safety employees who have shown they are willing to work with us as we continue to recover from this slow economy. I look forward to reviewing this budget.”

Madonna Flood, District 24 Majority Leader


“This budget is welcome news about our local economy. I applaud this proposal because no layoffs are proposed and no services are being cut. I especially like the focus on dealing with abandoned property which has been a priority for the Metro Council for the last three years.”

Barbara Shanklin, District 2 Vice chair, Majority Caucus


“While I commend the Mayor for his work to address runaway overtime costs within two contracts, I also must express my concern that this budget falls short in addressing the long term structural imbalance.”

Ken Fleming, District 7 Minority Caucus Chair


“The release of the Mayor’s Budget starts one of the most important parts of the council calendar. I look forward to reviewing the proposals within this budget and questioning members of the administration on their efforts to reduce overtime in Metro Government.”

Kevin Kramer, Minority Caucus Vice-Chair


“No layoffs, no furloughs, no cuts in services is welcome news when you consider the very hard decisions this metro government has made over the last three years. I especially appreciate the Mayor earmarking money to acquire property in West Louisville to attract businesses. I look forward to reviewing the Mayor’s goals and priorities in this budget.

Mary C. Woolridge, District 3


“I am pleased that we have reached a time in our budget where no services are being cut. I believe the investment being made in other areas such as improvements to Fourth Street and West Louisville for economic development will help us grow our economy and in the long run help us maintain the services residents have come to expect in Metro Louisville.”

David Tandy, District 4


“I appreciate the Mayor’s efforts to balance our budget and ensure Metro services are provided at a strong quality standard.  Additionally, with public safety being our number one priority, I’m encouraged to see three new police recruit classes and one additional fire recruit class.  Finally, I want to thank our public service employees for the work they do for our city every day.  The quality of life in our neighborhoods depends on the work they do and I’m proud to stand with them as they do the business of our city.”

David James, District 6


“We are excited that Mayor Fischer is building on the success of the pilot expanded residential recycling program that’s been going on for the past year in the 9th District’s Green Triangle.  I am confident this expansion will do three things: it will reduce the volume of trash and fees at the landfill, it will increase the volume of recycling which will increases our revenue, and it will demonstrate that expanded recycling makes sense for all neighborhoods.  I give Mayor Fischer a big green thumbs up.”

Tina Ward-Pugh, District 9


I am glad to see we are moving closer to breaking ground on a new Southwest Regional Library. This Metro Council supports the commitment to build the state of the art libraries to enhance lifelong learning and opportunity. It is also encouraging that this budget has some good economic news for all of us who rely on the services government provides.”

Rick Blackwell, District 12


“Moving forward with the Southwest Regional Library is great news for our area. The commitment to move forward with buying acreage for the Louisville Loop and Jefferson Memorial Forest will enhance our parks to residents of the South and Southwest. I look forward to learning more about the budget.

Vicki Aubrey Welch, District 13


“I am relieved that better economic times are slowly taking hold. I am glad the Mayor is committed and is moving forward with building the new Southwest Regional Library on Dixie Highway. The project is long overdue and is an investment in our community. “

Bob Henderson, District 14


“The Budget Committee is ready to do our fiduciary responsibility reviewing the budget, hearing from department heads and public input. We will move forward as a team to get the best, most efficient budget for our residents. Marianne Butler, District 15, Chair of the Budget Committee


“Early reports and today’s presentation of the budget by the Mayor leave members of the Metro Council and public with many questions. I look forward to reviewing all aspects of the Mayor’s Budget and working with my council colleagues to review the budget in its entirety.”

Kelly Downard, District 16 Budget Committee Vice-Chair


“This budget seems to be another continuation budget that offers a temporary fix instead of a real answer to Metro Government’s structural budget problems. I look forward to discussing my concerns with

my council colleagues in hopes that we can find long term solutions to our budget problems.”

Jerry Miller, District 19


“While we have suffered some very tough years because of the recession, this budget seems to indicate we have turned a corner. I look forward to reviewing what the Mayor has proposed and I am glad to see no further service cuts and some services restored.”

Dan Johnson District 21


“I am pleased Mayor Fischer has not only addressed the short-term problems of the budget but is moving forward with a long range plan to make a balanced budget easier to achieve.  I am also pleased the commitment is there for public safety which is one of my top priorities. I look forward to working with him to maintain services and move our city forward.”

Brent Ackerson, District 26