Religion in Kentucky’s Political Arena

On one hand, you have the Presbyterian Church, which has told the Kentucky legislature it is against SB 6, Kentucky’s much harsher version of Arizona’s SB 1070. On the other, you have Northside Christian Church in New Albany, who is planning an anti-abortion event called “barefoot for babies.”

Both churches are getting involved in Kentucky politics.

However, one is unlike the other.

The Presbyterian Church is standing up for those without a voice in government: undocumented immigrants. Kentucky’s SB 6, which is expected to fail, would make it a crime to help an undocumented immigrant (note: this is where it goes much farther than Arizona’s SB 1070, which was blocked in federal court). The church and its volunteers provide services to immigrants without asking about their legal status, and so are concerned about the law making their humanitarian aid a crime.

The Northside Christian Church is hosting a political rally, gathering to condemn a legal medical procedure, along with all the women who need it. The title of its event, “barefoot for babies” is reminiscent, needless to say, of a popular phrase describing women as a baby-making machine.

One church rallying to help the poor and downtrodden in the country, regardless of a piece of paper, and standing up against a government that wants to punish them for this assistance. Another church, trodding on the downtrodden, seeking to enshrine its doctrine into law.

Kentucky would do better with its Christian groups and churches following the example of the Presbyterian Church, rather than Northside.