****Review of “Maple and Vine”

What a grand opportunity – I got to see one of the great Humana Festival plays with a friend and then write about it. FUN!

So by intermission I am asking myself and those around me – why is it I/we feel, in order to make a difference I need to make HUGE changes in my life, rather than incremental?

The characters living the choices that 2011 offer – mixed marriage, good careers, take out dinners, movies on the laptop in bed – would seem to have it all. And they are unhappy.

The last straw on the camels back has them asking what it takes to be happy, wanting a different life. This feels authentic. I have choosen to break from the routines of life and go on sabbaticals, both short, 2 days, and long, 2 years. I think many others are just on the cusp of making some huge leap, if only they knew what direction to leap in, if they felt they had permission, and if they thought they would be safe.

Choosing clothes appropriate for 1955. Photo by Michael Brosilow

While I could go along with some of the characters adaptation to their 1955 characters – there were moments that I wanted to shake them, to remind them of who they are and what they already know. In 1955 character they were living from limiting choices, questions and ambitions – making themselves smaller/simpler. And in the 1955 alternative world they experience parts of themselves that they didn’t know were available to them in 2011, pro and con.

Becoming the role model. Photo by Michael Brosilow

Maple and Vine set production, design, changes, sounds, and costuming were orchestrated well, meeting ATL’s reputation for quality and professionalism.

Taken away by the atmosphere created by the set and story line, inspired to ask myself questions about life – I would say that is a winner of a play.

Enjoy the journey!

Mollie Yunker
Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

© Copyright 2011