Royal Wedding Parties, Mawwage, and Fairy Tales.


I left the Frazier Museum party just as William and Kate arrived at Buckingham Palace, thinking that I’d rush home and write up a story about the morning’s events for you lovely readers. Of course, once I got home, with the TV on, patiently awaiting their balcony kiss, I decided being alone was lame — David had to go to work because apparently the price for American freedom means we don’t get to observe the Queen’s holidays — and that I needed to run by the home of some Welsh friends, whom I was sure were still partying. Then I spent the next two hours re-living the ceremony, watching the kiss, and discussing the horrid Fergie girls. Oops.

You haters may talk of oppression and the wrath of King George, but for me (and billions of others, as it seems), it’s not about aristocrats and bowing to the Queen. It’s the fairy tale. It’s the pomp and circumstance, unlike anything we’ve ever seen in this country. It’s the reverence of history and tradition. But back to the fairy tale…

I’m sorry, but I still just cannot imagine what it must be like to be Kate Middleton. Even though she was a well-to-do commoner, surely her parents still never thought she would one day be the Queen of England. This morning’s procession was like watching the end of a Disney movie, and even the most cynical among us surely cracked a little bit. Maybe not a smile, but perhaps a glimmer of hope?

The Frazier Museum hosted about 110 folks this morning in a sold-out event featuring a catered English Breakfast, mimosas, and a gorgeous wedding cake. They also had some delicious English Breakfast tea, which I forgot was super-caffeinated (so now watch out as I run around the neighborhood a few times). On the two giant TV screens, they projected the BBC coverage of the event, which was focused more on the tradition and ceremony than on what the Beckhams were wearing (though I must admit I could look at that footage of D-Beck all day long). The Frazier even had real live Brits! The Guest of Honor was Ann Green CBE, the Chairman of the Royal Armouries, who spoke just before the ceremony.

My favorite part of the ceremony — aside from the camaraderie of all the on-lookers — was undoubtedly the music. I can’t imagine more perfect song choices, from the trumpet fanfare to the majestic pipe organ to the tearjerker of a boys choir singing a capella motets of yore. Just imagining how that must have reverberated off the walls of Westminster Abbey is enough to make me cry. But so it goes with music…

Really, I’ve had a lovely morning, from conversing with lots of you on Facebook and Twitter. Here are some deep thoughts:

– Prince Harry stole the show with his carefree swagger and his smirks. Did any of you lip readers catch whatever it was that he said to William while standing at the altar?

– Prince Charles looks about a thousand.

– The trees in the abbey were gorgeous. And so much better than cut flowers because they can be planted and remembered for hundreds of years.

– I LOVED the shots of Elton John singing the hymnals, and I feel sorry for whoever was seated next to him.

– Does the Queen just have the same outfit in every color imaginable? What does her hat closet/room/wing look like?

– The Duke of Edinburgh looks like the old king in The Princess Bride.

– This was like a real Princess Bride movie!

– Remind me someday to tell you a funny story about the Royals bathroom habits.

– Can we talk one more time about that atrocious medusa fascinator on Eugenie? Or was it Beatrice? I was worried for the Queen’s life, with that weapon-like hat inches from her throat.

Anyway, today was a nice reminder that fairy tales aren’t just in the movies and books. I used to think they were, and that’s a sad sad mindset for a young woman to have. Settling for “good enough” or “pleasant” isn’t enough of a happy ending for me. Maybe I’m a princess at heart, but I think my demand for passion and loyalty isn’t too much to ask. I also think that you get what you ask for. I’ve been fortunate many times over, but luck is more than what happens TO you. It’s what you make happen. And not to get all sentimental, but I think I’m getting just as much as a fairy tale as Princess Kate is. Awwwwwww, let’s all cry together now.