Rusty 324 is all about Bourbon..and Beyond, with Ben Sollee and the Bourbon Babe, Carla Carlton

It is a special Bourbon and Beyond episode of the Rusty Satellite Show, with both Ben Sollee and Carla Carlton playing a role in the giant event near the Fairgrounds. And with a sunny forecast, we’ll get to experience the full effect we missed last year due to torrential rains.

Sollee was on the show in 2015, before he’d moved to Louisville and settled in to raise a family. Then, as a touring musician, he was intent of having an impact on the environment. As he explains on the show, Sollee has since taken on good causes as a personal mission, and has taken a job with Canopy, which encourages companies throughout the state to be good citizens. He’s also excited about performing this weekend at the big fest — you can catch him Saturday at Noon.

When you christen yourself with a hip nickname — as The Bourbon Babe did many years ago — there’s an expectation of expertise. And Carla Carlton knows bourbon. She’s written books, operates a web site, and is hosting a panel of bourbon experts during a session at Bourbon and Beyond Friday night at 5. You’ll hear how she’s made her mark in the male-dominated culture of bourbon media, all while holding down a real job at Bellarmine.

The news that Rick Pitino settled his $37 million lawsuit against U of L for ZERO in cash was shocking to most who’ve followed the story. And all he got was that the school changed the wording on his departure to – resigned. At REMAX Properties East, there’s some big news. The Rusty Satellite Show sponsor has a change in leadership as Joe Hayden takes over a Broker/Owner from the legendary Harrell Tague.

This Rusty Satellite Show is sponsored by the Eye Care Institute, Passport Health Plan and Heuser Health, along with REMAX Properties East, which provides our state-of-the-art studio. If you’re interested in buying or selling a home, and now is a great time to do so, call Rick Redding at 502-439-6391.

Ben Sollee

The Bourbon Babe, Carla Carlton