Rusty Fires it Up for UK, with Coach Mac and JYBIII



Every week, the first idea I get for this post is. . . What a week!

But that would be bad writing, and give you no idea what I would really be writing about. Still, it was quite a week.

Musings from the Middle is John Y. Brown's self-published book
Musings from the Middle is John Y. Brown’s self-published book

I admit to getting pretty fired up when I have Rusty Satellite guests with something to say, and you’d have be an avowed pessimist to spend time with Cardinals baseball coach Dan McDonnell and not feel a little better about the world. McDonnell is a true motivator who uses tools, like an endless supply of self-help books, to go with a natural enthusiasm for boosting the people around him. And not just baseball players.

McDonnell told the crowd at the Breakfast of Champions on Monday that his goal-setting ritual includes trying to win in life, even down to parts of the day. He said sometimes, when he knows he’s going to be deluged with requests once he gets in the office, he sits in his car and makes the phone calls HE wants to make. I’m still not sure how he finds the time to read all those books. Check the Cards out this fall as they’ll be scrimmaging at Patterson Stadium on weekends.

Speaking of Cards, of course, it’s the week of the rivalry game with UK. U of L is a 15 1/2 point favorite and at least one of us is hoping it’s not that close. It shouldn’t be, as the disparity in talent between the programs is as vast as it’s ever been. UK’s fan base is quiet, and hasn’t even sold out its own stadium for the clash with its in-state rival. This, after boasting all summer about the excitement in the program and all those people who showed up for their spring game. Maybe they weren’t there for the football.

Of course, it’s always a rough week for UK Athletics when a guy whose name hangs from the Rupp Arena rafters cops a plea in court. Richie Farmer will take two years in the penitentiary rather than forcing the Commonwealth to prosecute him in what would have been a messy feeding frenzy for national media.

Since we taped this Rusty podcast, the Metro Council has tabled discussion of a plan to limit alcohol sales at 2 a.m. in a lame attempt to cut crime. The measure by West End Councilwomen Cheri Bryant Hamilton and Mary Woolridge is typical of a Metro Council that periodically creates issues to either A – solve problems that don’t exist or B – prove to constituents that they’re doing something, anything, to attack a problem.

While I’m griping about things, the tolls we’re going to have to pay (oops…that YOU are going to have to pay) to get to Indiana and back will be a burden on everyone forced to go back and forth. I think I’d choose to move or learn how to swim across rather than pay $2 a day. And those trucks that have to pay $10 a crossing — you can bet they’ll try to find ways around the tolls.

My Rusty guest John Y. Brown III was a treat to interview. Rather than spend his online energy arguing the merits of public policy, the former Secretary of State has found an audience eager to hear about twerking and parking from the point of view of a middle-aged man who is not really trying to persuade you to do anything beyond noticing the quirks of suburban life.

That’s what’s in the 12th show of Rusty Satellite. Remember, it’s easy to learn how to listen to the show, either at or on iTunes.