Rusty Rambles On: with David James and Terry Boyd

Listen to Rusty Satellite Show #8

Show #8 is a darn good one, as I delve into some important issues with my guests David James and Terry Boyd.

First, I wanted to see why David James voted not to remove ethically-challenged Barbara Shanklin from the Metro Council. He claims it’s because she wasn’t proven to have stolen any money. But I still wonder, given she did break ethics rules, what she would have to do get the boot. And apparently doing stupid stuff with good intentions is not one of them.

Here’s the good news. As a result of the Shanklin trial, there’s new momentum to curb the excesses of the Metro Council’s spending through their NDF accounts. Better late than never.

I really enjoy the opportunity to write about media on the Insider Louisville site, because Terry Boyd pays me to do it. It was great to sit down and talk with Terry about the Insider Louisville site and the future of local media.

I got a little carried away in my news segment. Everybody’s talking about the JCPS tax hike. While I wasn’t able to connect with my favorite board member, Debbie Wesslund, I shared some opinions about the tax hike issue. Like everyone else, I think the school system ought to just cut out administrative expenses and make do with what they’ve got, but I also realize that’s difficult when the state has cut a big slice from your pie.

With football season coming, it’s interesting to see how pumped the city is about U of L football, so the new policy to restrict fans from getting autographs is the talk of the town. I don’t get it — I don’t know what kind of nerd would pay $150 for a little football signed by Teddy Bridgewater — but when I Googled Teddy and autograph, that’s what came up. To have entrepreneurs profiting from the football program is one thing, but Teddy won’t get a cent from all the money made on his name this year. Doesn’t seem right.

Also in the show, I ramble about some culture — advice on getting dressed from Lyle Lovett, and the premiere of Breaking Bad on TV.

If you happen to see this Friday morning, I’ll be talking media with Joe Elliott on his show at 10 today. And he usually puts segments up on his website. And I’ve got a new story on Bill Lamb and WDRB on Insider Louisville. So check that out.

It’s all pretty interesting. And enjoyable. Hope you can listen to the whole thing, and tell your friends, re-post in social media, tweet, etc. And business owners, we are seeking a sponsor.