Rusty Satellite #2, With Adam Lefkoe and Kirk Kandle

Listen Up!  It’s podcast #2 of the Rusty Satellite Show.

Kirk and Maya in Crescent Hill
Kirk and Maya in Crescent Hill

It’s been fun figuring out a new medium, and getting back into the groove of media. This show features Kirk Kandle, pictured here, who invited me into his Crescent Hill home to record our interview. Kirk lives in a really cool space, a former elementary school, with his dog Maya. And it’s always fun to talk about cycling.

One thing I didn’t get to mention was a newly-acquired opinion about parts of our city. I just moved from Highview, which is between Okolona and Fern Creek, and perhaps the least bike-friendly area of town. When I rode out there on streets like Outer Loop, Smyrna or Beulah Church, drivers regularly honked at me or were generally rude.

Since I’ve moved to Lyndon, those kinds of things rarely happen as I ride along LaGrange, Westport, Whipps Mill and even Hurstbourne. Most drivers actually wait to make turns and give me a wide berth.

Here’s a link to Kirk’s web site.

I also invited WHAS-TV’s Adam Lefkoe into the Louisville.AM studios. Adam has it going on, and the Philadelphian has quickly adopted Louisville’s sports scene. In addition to his WHAS duties, he’s a regular on various local sports radio shows, so he sounds great on the podcast.

His new project could use your help — it’s a documentary about the basketball rivalry between the Cards and Cats. Throw him a few bucks for his Kickstarter fund.

You might be interested in my take on a few news stories from the week — the JCPS and UPS actions to prevent smoking, the “fading future” of religious opposition to same-sex marriage, the opening of a new library in Southwest Jefferson County, and the upcoming (16 months away) election fight between Mitch McConnell and Allison Lundergan Grimes.

Looking ahead, I’ll have an interview next week with the new anchor in town, WAVE-TV’s Shannon Cogan.

One more thing — I spoke to the Courier-Journal’s Matt Fressica for a story he’s working on about the growing podcasting movement at Louisville.AM. Watch for it in the C-J.