Rusty Satellite #3 with Shannon Cogan and J.K. McKnight

Visiting with Shannon Cogan at WAVE=TV/
Visiting with Shannon Cogan at WAVE=TV/

I am sort of getting the hang of this podcast thing.

At least I hope so, even though I must point out to any of you who actually listen to the podcast that I am aware that the new law passed at JCPS raises the dropout age to 18 from 16, not the other way around. But I’m doing all the interviews and news segments in one take, so if I make a mistake, it’s sort of like live TV — I don’t fix it.

And let me remind you how easy it is to listen to the show. First, you can just go to and listen from your computer. It’s easy. On a smart phone, you can turn your browser to the link and listen while you do something else. Dan tells me that next week we will have enough inventory to get the show posted in iTunes.

jk-mcknight-forecastle-foundationI also want to give a shout-out to the Courier-Journal’s Matt Fressica, who wrote this story about the operation started by Dan Vonderheide, and even interviewed our small team of podcasters.
Other than the mistake during the discussion of the dropout story, I’m proud of this show. J.K. McKnight has done an amazing job of growing Forecastle into the monstrous event, and Shannon Cogan was delightful in welcoming me to the station down at WAVE-TV. I think you’ll learn something if you take the time to listen in.