On Rusty Satellite: Resko’s Glamper Business and Shay McAlister’s True Crime Podcast

At WHAS-TV with reporter Shay McAlister

The Rusty Satellite Show finds itself talking about true crime at WHAS-TV, as the city’s most interesting podcast talks with the star of the city’s most-promoted and talked-about podcast. “Bardstown” is a product of WHAS-TV and debuted in August. Reporter Shay McAlister, who regularly chases down true crime stories, narrates the nine-part series about five unsolved murders that took place in Bardstown from 2013-2016.

I binge-listened the series over a couple of days this week, and recommend it highly.

Then I traveled a few blocks over to West Main Street to meet Braylyn “Resko” Stewart, a young man who says he “does something creative” every day. He’s making a remarkable impact on the city, most notably coordinating the amazing mural at the skate park and several others in West Louisville. Resko also has a business making “Glampers” (glamorous camping vehicles) in which he takes old campers, updates them, paints a theme around them, and rents them on Airbnb at places like Nolin Lake. Oh yes, he also is a partner in a tattoo shop.

But most fascinating is his work at events, where he paints a canvas “Live” and sells the work to support charity. I think you’ll really enjoy our talk.

Resko with one of his uniquely designed Glampers

Back at the REMAX Properties East studios, we’re preparing for the worst on election day next week — as it appears that the least popular governor in the country might get re-elected. La Bamba, with the immortal slogan “burritos as big as your head” is shutting down soon to rebuild. And I tell you about the problems at my alma mater, Iroquois High School, which has seen 24 incidents of students hitting teachers just since the start of the school year.

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