: A Shortcut to Brownsboro Road Project Facts

Supporters of the Brownsboro Road Sidewalk and Reconfiguration Project – also known as the Brownsboro Road Diet – have launched to explain and promote the safety and traffic benefits of the redesign. 
The project is expected to remove pedestrian and traffic hazards by adding a sidewalk on the north side of the road from Ewing Avenue to Drescher Bridge Avenue and reduce four lanes to three lanes – a travel lane in each direction and a center turning lane.
This effort is supported by Brownsboro Road residents and organized by the Neighborhood Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee, a Joint Committee of the Clifton Community Council, the Clifton Heights Community Council, and the Crescent Hill Community Council. The access committee is joined by the Greater Louisville Council of the Blind to launch
The project will bring to the neighborhoods on both sides of Brownsboro Rd:   
  • Much safer pedestrian, bicycle, and car transit
  • A welcoming environment, 
  • More efficient traffic patterns, 
  • A vibrant business community available to all
From a Safe Sidewalks presentation by Anne McMahon,  available to download from
The website answers those niggling questions you may have in the back of your mind, If you don’t find the answers, the site gives you the opportunity to “Ask the expert”, Shawn Dikes, AICP, a professional in the transportation field for almost 20 years and Chair of the Transportation Committee for the Crescent Hill Community Council.
For more information, contact:
Cassandra Culin, Clifton Chair of Neighborhood Pedestrian and Bicycle Access Committee