Seeking Somebody to Love Queen

On Saturday, April 30, the Louisville Orchestra will present a concert at the Louisville Palace celebrating the Music of Queen.

The show features a vocalist who sounds just like Freddie Mercury (and not like those guys in Wayne’s World). As the LO site puts it:

Bridging the gulf between rock n’ roll and classical music, the Louisville Orchestra performs The Music of  Queen at the Louisville Palace. Amplified by a full rock band and delivering a fabulous rendition of Freddie Mercury’s vocals is Las Vegas star BrodyDolyniuk.  Creator Brent Havens guest conducts the ensemble as they capture Queen’s amazing vocal harmonies surrounded by the orchestra in a concert rich with melodies like you’ve never heard before.

Why, you ask, would I bring this up? The organization has secured a couple of tickets to this event for YOU! All you have to do is respond with your real email address in the comments to this post. Early next week, we will randomly select a winner and let you know how to pick up your tickets.

Queen’s pretty cool, don’t you think? It’s the first of what we hope will be several ticket/prize giveaways around here.  If you want to, you can even send us a review that we will publish here. And this note from the good peeps at LO:  If you have won tickets from the Louisville Orchestra in the past three months, please give someone else a chance. Tickets are $20-$65.

Here’s some video of what the show will be like: