Seum Says — Maybe I’ll Run for Congress

State Senate Majority Caucus Chair Dan Seum says he’s considering taking a shot at John Yarmuth in 2012, despite the difficulty of running as a Republican in Jefferson County. He said that “a lot of people want me to try it,” including party leaders and Tea Party members. Yarmuth has held the 3rd Congressional District seat since 2007.

Seum says he might run. PHOTO: LRC Public Information

“I can probably get more accomplished here,” he said of his leadership responsibilities in the state Senate. “But we’ve paid our dues and there’s no question of our integrity recently after 27 years.”

Sem said he probably won’t make a decision on the 2012 Congressional campaign until the filing deadline, which he said could be pushed back to February. He said he won’t give up his Senate seat to run.

Brooks Wicker, a CPA who lost in the 2010 primary to Todd Lally (who lost to Yarmuth in the general election), has already announced his intention to run.

Yarmuth was first elected in 2006, when he defeated incumbent Anne Northup. He won a rematch with Northup in 2008, and soundly defeated Lally in 2010.

“Of course, the session will be going on and it’s going to be really time-consuming,” said Seum. “but I’ve done this before.”