Sex, Money or Both?

Goooood Morning! Yesterday some members of the got together at Browning’s Restaurant downtown to talk about the launch of this site. We’ve got some big ideas, so stay tuned.

From left: Dawn Yankeelov, Kirk Kandle, Shannon White, Jason Smith, Cindy Lamb, Rick Redding, Mollie Yunker

About Last Night:  It was nice to see U of L get to play on real TV last night on ESPN2.  Don’t know about you, but I’m not getting ESPNU just to watch these games, and the watching experience online doesn’t cut it. Now that the Big East has started, let’s hope that nonsense is over. This Cards’ team is fun to watch, but as was evidenced last night against #7 Villanova, it doesn’t have the talent to compete with the best. The Cards played a great first half, but were overmatched by Nova in the 2nd, losing 88-74 in Philly.

A Real Snake: LEO has a great story on Gilles Meloche, who was not just a pervert, but ripped the city off by getting $10K in unemployment benefits even though he resigned (with pressure) from his job as Animal Services Director. His replacement, Wayne Zelinsky, hasn’t fared much better in the eyes of the public.

Going to Haiti: Media damsel Angie Fenton is going on a trip to Haiti next month to report for the Voice-Tribune, and she’s feeling some trepidation.

Forum Fighting: Put Senate President David Williams in a room with a Democrat and lunch, and you’re lucky if you can avoid a food fight. Williams squared off with Rick Rand yesterday at Vincenzo’s. He said the local school board was a “charade” and a puppet of the JCTA and seems adamant about passing Senate Bill 3 ending the student assignment plan at JCPS, which is never gonna happen. He also believes we’ve got an impending crisis over immigration and wants to pass an Arizona-style law.  Unfortunately, Williams is more intent on getting elected as governor than doing any good in Frankfort.

Just Let ’em Buy the Box:  I like this one. Insight is the target of a class-action suit from customers who are tired of renting a cable box when it makes more sense to buy one at Radio Shack. Sign me up.

Oh, Shit. WHAS-TVs’ Kahn Gone:  WHAS-TV reporter Melanie Kahn, who arrived here in 2008, has taken a job in Washington with the Humane Society, where according to this she’s directing the org’s puppy mills campaign. Long-time readers of my work will remember her arrival and an embarrassing clip, all in fun, from her previous stint. Kahn did admirable work in her two years here. WHAS-TV will hire a replacement for her.

Sypher Fatigue:  Even I’m getting tired of the escapades Karen Sypher is using to try to get out of jail time.  Now her imaginative lawyers say the testimony of her giving head in a lawyer’s office — which has little to do with the fact the tried to extort millions from Rick Pitino — was doctored, and they want to see the rug, maybe to look for stains? Right.  Can’t blame Fox41 for giving her air time (RATINGS WINNER) but let’s just put her in jail and be done with her.

It’s Always Money or Sex or Both: Did you see WLKY’s piece on fired Det. Crystal Marlowe? She now says she was investigated (Chief Robert White found she was going around arresting innocent people, and found 68 different violations) because of her sex life. Seriously. I do remember seeing some suggestive shots of her on Facebook (before being de-friended) last year. From WLKY: But her attorney said the whole investigation may have been opened because of rumors about Marlowe’s romantic involvement with specified public officials. I just can’t wait to find out who those officials might be.

Stupid Story of the Day: There’s always one.  This guy’s defense of a DUI charge is that he was asleep at the wheel, and claims he can’t be prosecuted because he was passed out.  He got drunk at 4th Street Live and decided to get in his truck, turn it on, and sleep it off for a few hours.