Shafer Takes the Deal, Pays $1,000

Former Manual teacher Carrie Shafer

Here’s the deal: If you’re a high school teacher and decide to start a romance with a student, and take him out parking and ply him with beer and have sex with condoms, and get caught by police, it’s going to cost you.

Carrie Shafer struck a deal with prosecutors today and will pay $1,000 and have 3 years of supervised probation. She can never teach again. Of course, that is the official sentence handed down today in court. There’s no telling what the incident has caused in her own family life as the mother of two young children living in an upscale East End neighborhood.

And as for the alleged ‘victim’, the school has managed to keep his identity out of the media. The case also sparked a debate on censorship of student media after Manual principal Larry Wooldridge blocked a story about the case from being published in a student-run newspaper.