Shark Tank Goes Local on WBNA

Louisville, KY– Dream Funders, the new local “Shark Tank” inspired television series launching in December on WBNA, proudly announces some early members of its Dream Team.  The program will include some of Louisville’s biggest names in the Venture Capital world.  Each of the Venture Funders listed below will take turns on the panel where local entrepreneurs with a Dream Business will present their idea. Will these Venture Funders love it, hate it, or fund it?

Name                        Current Role                                                                            Background
Marty McClelland    President, Regent Investment Management      Fund Manager & VC
Tony Holland           Vice President Q2 Business capital                   Startups, Real Estate
Lou Kelmanson     Serial Entrepreneur and Active Angel Investor Internet Startups & VC
Darren King             Angel Investor                                                    Fund Manager & VC
Micah Buse             CEO of Jewelry in Candles                                     Ecommerce & VC
Phil Mason              Sunbelt Business Advisors, MCO Investments Business Broker & VC
Pat Yates                 Pres/Owner Happy Feet, “Shark Tank” Vet     Startups, Retail, E-com
Doug Whyte            Chief Development Officer ARGI Financial Group Consumer Products/PE

The Program: Dream Funders, hosted by Melissa Fraser, a Partner at Strothman and Company, puts local entrepreneurs together with Louisville’s top venture capitalists and business coaches to create exciting television.  The program also allows viewers the opportunity to participate in crowd funding the entrepreneur if they like their idea. WBNA created the show to help our city dream big and highlight the city as a dynamic entrepreneurially focused town.

WBNA GM Tom Fawbush
WBNA GM Tom Fawbush

“It’s Shark Tank with a heart connecting Dreamers with Funders and Coaches.  The show promotes the concept that ‘Profit is a reward for serving your fellow man’ and ‘Happiness is earned success,’ ” said Tom Fawbush, GM of WBNA.

Show Seeks Dreamers: Dream Funders is also looking for the entrepreneur.  We know everyone has a Dream Business idea but doesn’t know where to start.  People can now present their idea to the folks that can help them live the dream.

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