Siegs On The River…A Place To Forget Your Troubles!

I get lucky every once in a while. The old saying that it’s good to know friends with boats couldn’t be more true than in our lovely River City. So,when asked to hang out on the river yesterday with Matt Coleman, a friend of mine, I graciously accepted. The beauty of Louisville really comes alive on the water, and so if you don’t have a boat but want the view with a lot of charm, you need to come down to Siegs on the river in Prospect, where we tied up after a glorious sunset.

Siegs is a great combination of Tiki bar and restaurant with a little Cajun flavor to it., floating on Heather’s Docks down off of 1793, on Victory Lane.I found  Scott Sieg, the managing partner for the floating restaurant, and found out how this charmer came about. Scott had been through Hurricane Katrina in Baton Rouge, LA, and lost everything he had. After deciding to move to Louisville where his Aunt and Uncle live, his loss ultimately became Louisville’s gain in a delightful place to hang out, listen to some music on a Saturday night or Sunday afternoon, or on any day (except Monday, closed) have a Mahi Mahi sandwich with a frosty brew, and relax while watching the river flow by.

Scott says they go through 80-90 pounds of Mahi Mahi a week, so they must be doing something right. For those of us who love a little Louisiana flavor, they have Crawfish Piroux, lightly breaded with a sweet and spicy sauce, topped with banana peppers for 9.99. Shrimp or Chicken Po Boys, build your own pasta with Crawfish tails being one item to build with, or a really interesting Seafood bread, which is a clever mixture of Shrimp and seasonings, topped with provolone cheese for 5.49.Yum.

Maggie Rogers ( soon to be Scott’s lovely bride) was working the bar along with Devon Wilson, and I don’t believe I have ever seen such quick  and friendly service.

 And speaking of friendly, people were introducing themselves around the bar, so it’s a place where a gal like me could go and make instant acquaintances, like Tonya McClure, who  brought her Boston Whaler out for a spin with Harve Powell, Wendy Wilson, and Bruce Henson.

So by land or by boat, I recommend you find your way down to kick back, relax, and have a great experience at Siegs.

Siegs is open Tuesday through Sunday 11:00 A.M to Midnight, with a live band on Saturday night from 7-11, and acoustical band on Sundays that starts at 4. River views and Sunsets play nightly!