Singing in the Rain at Fest-a-Ville

Last night’s gig at the Derby Fest-a-Ville down on the Waterfront-ish was just like Woodstock, minus about 30 degrees and a few hundred thousand people. Really, it was muddy and cold and pouring down rain. Thanks to the folks who braved the weather and kept us smiling. And also thanks to my awesome band who keeps me smiling no matter what the gig is like. My band and I had a good time, but I feel terrible for all those poor vendors. When I went in search of french fries before my set, they were all salivating at the chance to make a sale. Sadly, none of them had any fries made, and I didn’t have time before my set to wait.

The Brigid Kaelin Band (that’s my band!) managed to play one full set, and we had lots of fun … us and the awesome stage crew. Then the Fest-a-Ville organizers wisely decided to pull the plug on the evening seeing as the weather forecast another huge storm and people seemed to assume the event was canceled anyway. But a good time was had by all who were there.

Look out for Ray Rizzo’s video-phone, as he got all MTV-style camera winding around the stage during a fun cover of a Carly Simon tune. The best moment was when he panned out to the audience, which, at that point, was FWT. (My parents were backstage.) Who knows if it’ll end up online, but I’m preparing myself mentally just in case our on-stage antics are posted to history.

If you’re out and about in Louisville this month, pick up a free copy of this month’s <a href=””>Underwired Magazine</a>, which features a HUGE photo of me by the über-talented Jessie Kriech-Higdon. I’m laughing maniacally and playing the saw in the photo, which is typical for a rainy Tuesday.

Also, if you’re sad you missed my show last night (and the odds are that you did miss it), you might want to come out to Jim Porter’s on Wednesday evening. I’m playing one solo set from 8:00-8:45 before <a href=””>Suzy Bogguss</a>.

Other than that … it’s DERBY WEEK! I hope you non-Kentucky readers are planning a big Derby party on Saturday.