Six Months More Pain with Sherman Minton

Steve Beshear and Mitch Daniels face the media

At a morning press conference, officials said it will take at least six months and $20 million, but the Sherman Minton Bridge will open again.

Here’s a link to the press conference with the Indiana and Kentucky governors, Mitch Daniels and Steve Beshear.

Both Governors indicated that they would come up with the money and get the job done, emphasizing safety and expediency.

Six months would put us at March 2012 as a target date for the bridge to open.

First out with a statement, within minutes of the press conference, was Mayor Greg Fischer:

“I’m pleased that we have a plan to repair the bridge and get it reopened. Commuters and businesses will have to live with traffic inconveniences for up to six more months, but it’s better than the alternative of having the bridge closed for years.”

Rep. John Yarmuth:

“The Sherman Minton does not need extensive repairs which is great news for our community. A timeframe of six months is much better than several years, however, it is still a long time for commuters and local businesses. A bipartisan coalition has come together to make this a top national priority and we remain committed to doing whatever it takes to expedite the process and get traffic moving across the bridge again.”