Skeptical of the Davis Spectacle, and an Enlightened GOP View

I know it was in the New York Times, but I’m suspicious of the story making the rounds in local media that Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis met with the Pope in secret during his visit to New York last week.

Consider the story is based on an account from one source — one of Davis’ attorneys. And that thus far there is no photographic evidence that it took place (the attorney, Mathew Staver, told the Times he expected to get the photos soon), and no one at the Vatican is commenting on the supposed meeting. It was kept secret, Staver claimed, because the Pope’s people didn’t want to divert media attention to Kim Davis.


Here at home, those of us who don’t spend our time trying to discriminate against a class of people continue to be embarrassed by the Kim Davis spectacle on same sex marriage, something that’s become normal and accepted in societies outside a few backward counties in Kentucky.

Last week, filmmaker Kiley Parker was on the Rusty Satellite Show and we spoke, off the record, about some of the hypocrisy in politics. In her Raising Ms. President blog, Parker provided video of Republican State Senator Julie Raque Adams, explaining why the controversy is hurting Kentucky in a way that zero members of the GOP in Kentucky have done.