Smash Lab Louisville Aims to Help the Area’s Angry Blow Off Steam

Smash Lab Louisville is a “rage room” offering a new kind of entertainment that allows visitors to let out their frustration.

Smash Lab Louisville has opened, becoming the first “rage room” in east Louisville. Smash Lab offers the visitors the chance to destroy and demolish a wide variety of objects large and small.

smashLabLocated right off Bluegrass Parkway, individuals, groups and even companies are welcome to join in the smashing fun.  ‘Rage rooms’ have been sweeping the country, and Smash Lab offers the same experience for those seeking out a safe way to smash something to smithereens.

Smash Lab keeps safety first, offering all of the protective equipment for anyone looking to use one of their four smash rooms.  “Plenty of people have had the fantasy of breaking something,” said Austin Freudenberger, Smash Lab Louisville’s founder and owner. “This is the perfect way to do that in a fun way in a safe environment. And best of all, you get to leave all the cleaning up to us!”

Smash Lab offers eight different packages for those looking to smash. Whether you’re coming alone, with a group, or even a part of a corporate outing or bachelor/bachelorette party. Sessions can last up to one hour and range from $20 to $125. There’s even one option that allows visitors to bring in their own materials to smash if they aren’t on a list of prohibited items.  Smash Lab Louisville is located at 11440 Bluegrass Parkway. Visitors can learn more and schedule an appointment at their website.