Some Coffey Talk and Media News

Claudia - media darling

I just had to talk with Claudia Coffey yesterday to hear how pumped she was about being a winner Saturday night in the Voice-Tribune’s Best-Dressed contest. She was worried about the grief her co-workers at WHAS were going to give her about winning the popularity contest, which took place at the Marriott downtown Saturday night.

Claudia was really happy just to be socializing, and not working, on a Saturday night. She’s moved to a weekday schedule in anticipation of the launch of the station’s 4 p.m. newscast Sept. 12. And I haven’t read the Today’s Woman cover story, but Claudia said she was thrilled to do it and that she reveals plenty of details about her life.  It’ll be available online Aug. 31. That’s her dad’s F-150 she’s posing in for the cover.

More media stuff. . .

WDRB on Defense: A new promo on WDRB anticipates the new WHAS competition. Elizabeth Woolsey and Gilbert Coursey reminds viewers that theirs was the original 4 p.m. newscast in the market.

Remember Ray?: Former WAVE Sunrise anchor Ray D’Alessio is in Atlanta, enjoying a sometimes busy acting career and filling in on Headline News. This Saturday, you can catch D’Alessio in a made-for-TV movie on his old station. It’s called Game Time – Tackling the Past.  D’Alessio plays a sports reporter. He’s also recently been in a USA Network series, Necessary Roughness.

Ooops, That’s Wind up: Funny how even professionals can screw up and a recorded mistake can make it on the air. I’m told a new Horseshoe Casino radio ad includes an announcer asking how dice can “wind” up in your hands. But “wind” is pronounced like the breeze, not like what you do before you toss dice.

Same Story, Different Coverage: WHAS-TV got interviews with the family of Mark Wezka, who died less than 8 minutes into Sunday’s Ironman. His sister gave details about Wezka’s preparation for the race and how he was always “a little bit afraid of water.”  WDRB-TV interviewed other competitors about it and pulled up statistics on deaths in competition. Here’s a link to the Buffalo News coverage, Wezka’s hometown paper.

C-J – Fail: I wonder how many fools have called in to the C-J to pay a quarter a week extra to get TV Listings.  The paper, in a letter published Sunday, said it had really researched the topic and decided that a bigger TV supplement — 32 pages — will be a big winner for subscribers.  It’s laughable how poorly they manage things over there.

Call it WAVE Good-bye: In 18 months, the personnel that have left WAVE-TV includes GM Steve Langford, ND Lee Eldridge and on-air personalities John Belski, Bob Domine, Carrie Weil, Jon Chrisos and now Bill Menish.