Some Super News Items

Super Bowl ad hype -- the dogs are selling cars

Welcome to Super Bowl Week, where we’re all wishing we had a way to get in the big game, and can’t believe that tickets to Sunday’s Giants-Patriots game will set you back a couple of house payments.  The game, of course, is a big deal for local TV, and it’s really better to watch the game in a place where you can actually hear the commercials and, yes, pay attention to the game.  The Patriots are favored by 3, so I’m going with the Giants and Eli Manning.

Oh, the game is on WAVE this year, and kicks off at 6:30. You may hear more hype about the commercials than the game, and here’s a great look at previews (yes, if you product a Super Bowl commercial you must have a preview).  Thus far, I’ve heard the most about the barking dogs Volkswagen spot.

The New Sportswriting Gig:  I grew up wanting to be Billy Reed, traveling to every major sporting event and writing a column every day. It wa all so simple then. If you want to know what life as a modern sportswriter is like, read this piece by the C-J’s Eric Crawford that shows that details how he covers games by talking online with fans, Tweeting, posting video and filing a story in 15 minutes or less.

SWEEPS: The folks at WAVE are sure happy the Super Bowl is in the TV sweeps rating period, just beginning. You’ve already seen the promos. The one that gets my attention, so far, is WHAS-TV’s piece about a guy who’s got 15 DUIs and is still driving, including a clip of a woman shoo-ing the camera out of a business. It airs Thursday.

Dan’s Popularity:  Metro Councilman Dan Johnson, who ran unopposed for re-election two years ago, told his 3,500 Facebook followers that he “may file Tuesday” for the open 37th District seat in the state Senate.  Chris Thieneman has filed to run as a Republican. We’ll have more on how the primary races are shaping up soon. The filing deadline is tomorrow.

Getting in Shape with Brooke: WHAS-TV reporter Brooke Katz is getting in shape for a fitness competition, and promises to share the journey to her June 4 date and recipes for eating right.  That means a lot of chicken and veggies.

Is Gambling Immoral?: In my view, no. But when the guy supposedly hired to deliver an opening prayer to the state General Assembly instead launches into a moralistic attack on gambling,  you start to realize what a mountain gambling proponents are up against here. Here’s a great read from The Recovering Politician, Johnathan Miller, on why we need to legalize gaming here. Not that it’s going to make any difference to our backward politicians in Frankfort.

And A Reason to Love John Yarmuth: The Congressman released a list of 25 local organizations that will share his Congressional salary.  Among them: Harbor House, Home of the Innocents, Fund for the Arts, Maryhurst and the Ali Center.