Speed Limits In Louisville

When I was a young lad (and yes, we had cars then) it was pretty much common knowledge that the police would give you a 5-mph grace over the posted speed limits.  Nowadays I am amazed at the folks driving, especially on the interstates.  The speed limit signs evidently mean absolutely NOTHING to anyone.  If you are in the left lane, driving 10 miles an hour over the speed limit, prepare to be tailgated, tail-ended, or passed on the right side, with ANY of these scenarios accompanied by the “one-finger” salute.

Maybe it would be better to just take down all of the speed limit signs and install electronic ones on the fronts and backs of everybody’s car.  Then we can just punch in the speed that WE will be doing, and everyone else can know and be aware.  Or maybe we just change all of the road names to AUTOBAHN.

Then the drivers can go as fast as they want, while they are texting, tweeting, talking, facebooking, four-squaring, googling, oogling, gesturing, and all those other things that we now do when we drive.  Oh and don’t forget your coffee & donuts, or Big Mac, fries, apple pie, and your 64-ounce Big Gulp!!!!