Spirituality in the Church Today

Spirituality in the Church Today – Controversial Issues

It doesn’t matter how well informed we are as a society, there will always be dissention among believers because everyone seems to have a different interpretation of their holy book. Whether it is the Bible, the Torah and Talmud or the Koran, few sects within a faith believe exactly the same things. In other words, there appear to be no absolutes and this leads to widespread controversy. So then, looking at Christianity, what are some of the most controversial issues facing the church today?


At the top of the list of controversies within the church is abortion. There are two sides of the issue which are Pro-Life and Pro-Choice. Lifers say that all abortions are sinful because life begins at conception (or before!) and Pro-Choice advocates believe life begins at birth when a baby takes that first breath. Pro-Life advocates say that only God should be allowed to choose who lives and who dies and Pro-Choice advocates say that a woman is in charge of her own body and can choose whether or not to go through with an unwanted pregnancy.


Divorce is still high on the list as many denominations within Christianity still subscribe to the view of ‘til death do us part.’ Some people suffer through unhappy marriages in order to stay true to the teachings of their church and others get that divorce rather than be faced with hell on earth in an unhappy relationship. No matter which side you are on, it is a simple fact that this is a controversial issue in the church today.

Same Sex Marriage

Some Christians believe that same sex marriage is a sin while others believe in tolerance. Many states have now legalized same sex marriage which has tamed the controversy down somewhat but it is still rampant, especially in the Bible belt with hard-core conservatives in the lead, holding that it is an ‘abomination.’

Medical Marijuana

Few religions approve of the use of drugs but medical marijuana seems to fall somewhere in a grey zone. It is now widely accepted that many cannabis strains are similar to wine and if wine is legal, why shouldn’t marijuana be legalized? Actually, it seems to be that the biggest amount of controversy surrounds the fact that non-users aren’t aware of all the statistics indicating it is not a gateway drug and doesn’t have severe physical ramifications. Within the church there are factions on both sides of the issue.


Much of today’s music is said to be violent and obscene. In days gone by it was all about sexuality but in modern times rap has become the ‘devil’s music.’ Many of the lyrics talk about gang warfare, shootings, stabbings, stealing, rape and sex. Because of this, many Christians have outlawed this genre in their homes and actively preach against allowing it in their communities in public buildings.

There will always be controversy within the church, no matter what faith or denomination within a faith is in question. From the earliest days there were warring factions within Christianity and this will most likely continue until the end of time. Looking to stir up a bit of controversy? Any one of these hot topics should do the trick.