Start Clean This Spring: Have LouisvilleKYTolls Lowered and Fees Waived

New online feature off to a fast start with 1,000 new accounts opened

Louisville, KY., – RiverLink is offering Louisville-area drivers a fast and easy way to save time and money with a new online feature. Drivers who pay by mail can convert higher toll charges to the lowest available rates and have fees waived when they open a prepaid RiverLink account. Since launching in late February, more than 1,000 drivers have chosen the online conversion offer and opened accounts. Those drivers have saved nearly $30,000 in total toll and fee adjustments.

“Hundreds of people have already taken advantage of the savings,” said Scott Adams, Indiana Department of Transportation director of tolling for the Ohio River bridges. “The new online account conversion is fast and easy, and drivers who sign up for accounts immediately see how much money they’re saving. This is just one example of RiverLink’s efforts to improve the customer experience, and more changes are on the way.”

The conversion offer is available online at, saving drivers time and money. Previously, drivers who owed tolls needed to talk to a customer service representative to convert to a prepaid account. The one-time conversion offer is only available to drivers who have not reached collection status (fourth toll notice).

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Drivers can open an account and begin saving money in a few easy steps:

  1. Go to and click the Pay Invoice button
  2. Enter invoice number and license plate number
  3. Click “I want to save money”
  4. Savings are calculated based on reduced toll rates and waived fees
  5. Click Proceed with Account Conversion
  6. Follow the instructions to finish setting up a RiverLink prepaid account

“This is a great opportunity for drivers to start this spring with a clean slate and to start saving money,” said Megan McLain, innovative finance manager with the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet. “Having a prepaid account and transponder is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to cross a tolled bridge. Drivers who take advantage of this offer save money and continue to save with every trip over a tolled bridge.”

RiverLink local transponders are free (one per registered vehicle) and RiverLink E-ZPass transponders are $15 each.  Requested transponders are mailed to drivers, free of charge. The savings begin as soon as an account is set up as drivers wait for their transponders to arrive. Transponders are typically received in about ten days.

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It’s important for account holders to remember they must maintain a positive account balance to always pay the lowest toll rates.  If an account reaches a negative balance, higher toll rates are charged and an invoice is mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle. The easiest way to always have an account in good standing is by choosing auto-replenishment and linking the account to a valid payment method.