State of Local News changing on WFPL

On today’s State of Affairs on WFPL-FM, Julie Kredens announced the end of the State of Affairs program she hosts. The daily one-hour show has been on the air for 14 years.

Don’t worry, nobody got fired. According to the station’s news release, LPM is “working on a concept for a new series of interviews that will showcase Julie’s ability to interact with guests and create really magical radio. Watch for more news about that.”

OK, we will. But meanwhile it looks like there will be a little less local talk and more national product on the air. There will be episodes of PRI’s “Here and Now” along with a place for the station to air lengthy journalism pieces, such as the way they’re taking a look at Greg Fischer’s First 100 days in a show tomorrow. That should keep Phillip Bailey busy.

So it looks like a mishmash of programming at 1 p.m. every day, with some of it being locally-based, and some not.  They’re keeping the Friday edition of “State of the News” with local reporters.

In other big Louisville Public Media news, WFPK announced today that the Waterfront Wednesday concert scheduled for April 27 is moving to what seems to be a bigger, better Waterfront location – near the Lincoln statue by the Big Four Bridge. If you ask me, that’d be a better permanent location. The move is necessary because the Ohio River is still spilling over onto the banks of the Park.

Walk the Moon, Sarah Jaffe and the Deloreans are playing in the first of six Waterfront Wednesday concerts on the last Wednesday of the month. They’re free.