Stock Your Easter Basket at the Farmers Markets!

Granny's Delights brings their family larder to the Loop!

No matter how or why you celebrate this weekend in Spring, it is a time of reflection,renewal and yes…rain. A feast is always a vital ritual of the season as well as the giving of gifts. If you have a notion to create a basket of goodies for yourself, loved ones or company, you may want to visit Bardstown Road in the Highlands.

It’s my neighborhood and I’m Kentucky Proud, if you will, about the variety available to our visitors.

The venerable Bardstown Road Farmers Market  at Deer Park Presbyterian Church near Speed and the newest addition to the Metro markets, Douglass Loop Farmers Market just an egg’s throw down the road at the Douglass Boulevard Christian Church.

These are outdoor markets, of course, so bring your bumbershoot, shopping bags and shining neighborhood spirit–since there is no solar evidence in sight.

The creative and healthy options for Easter basket building are endless at these wonderful markets. Fresh produce, chocolates, eggs, wines, cooking oils, balms and soaps, dog biscuit, kitchen crafts, baby gifts and the list goes on. From bison to carrots, pastries to coffee, there is plenty of good eatin’ for carnivores, vegans, vegetarians and gluten-free shoppers.

Support your local growers in Kentucky and southern Indiana by attending your favorite Farmers Market! Enjoy a freshly cooked breakfast while you’re there.

Get all the details on hours, vendors and products at the links below.

Bardstown Road Farmers Market

Douglass Loop Farmers Market

See you there. Have a wonderful, if not delicious Easter!