Stu Pollard’s Second Act is a Musical One

Stu Pollard stars in his new video

If you’re from around here, you know the name Stu Pollard. As a filmmaker. His 1999 film, “Nice Guys Sleep Alone” was shot in various locations around town enjoyed critical success. Pollard, who now lives in California, is involved in what seems like every local film project.

I got an email yesterday from Pollard, who is in town promoting his new project — a collection of catchy songs, accompanied by some really cool videos, the most watchable music videos this side of those old Robert Palmer flicks he’s borrowing from on the song “There Comes a Time.”  The “album” (his term) of original songs is called New Tricks.

Another video, “Unconditional” includes several local kids. Pollard wrote all the music, and got some praise for it from an actual music critic, WFPK’s Kyle Meredith, who wrote: “An undeniably impressive debut. This is a good record with several standout tracks and more than a few magical moments. There is considerable promise in this work.”

Pollard is 44, and doesn’t look like a rock star. But his second career as a musician certainly has plenty of promise. You can get the CD through Ear X-tacy here.