Studies Show that Bananas Naturally Counteract Stress

No matter where you turn in life there is something that causes stress. From getting in the car for that nerve-racking driving test to preparing for a job interview, one thing that is common to all people everywhere, from all walks of life is a case of the nervous jitters. Studies show that perhaps you don’t need that overrated tranquiliser! A banana (or two) a day can do more than keep the doctor away – bananas can keep a case of nerves away as well.

Beating the Odds with Bananas

In one study released by the Journal of Neuroscience Letters in 2013, bananas are proven to relieve and even prevent oxidative damage in the brain. The correlation here is that when stressed, brain functions are reduced and memory is significantly decreased. When testing, interviewing or undergoing any type of activity that relies on memory, bananas with large amounts of potassium responsible for counteracting free-radical damage can certainly help you beat the odds. Used in conjunction with memory aids such as pre-test practice for driving tests like you’d find on this website, it is possible to reduce stress and actually pass your test first time around!

Are Bananas Nature’s Superfood?

Within the past several years there has been a lot of hype over all the superfoods out there that can do everything from decrease your risk of heart disease to helping you live longer without the risk of dementia. Oddly, bananas weren’t often mentioned in those reports, leading many nutritionists to question why. As early on as the early part of the 20th Century, studies were conducted on bananas from high ranking universities around the globe. It was determined that bananas at varying stages of ripeness had an assortment of health benefits not present in other stages. Ripe bananas are high in healthy carbs necessary for energy whereas those less ripe are better for heart patients.

Testing High on the List of Stressors

As mentioned, any kind of test whatsoever is cause for a huge amount of stress. This may actually lead to poor performance. No matter where you look on the Internet, you will find scholarly article after article devoted to the dangers of stress from a biological perspective as well as a functional perspective when testing. Whether from fear of failing or a need to pass the test for social or economic reasons, the truth is that testing causes inordinate amounts of stress that can interfere with results but also cause other health related problems that aren’t as easy to counteract.

A Word from Your Doctor

Why do you think doctors are continually saying that you need to eliminate stress in your life? You can’t eliminate tests, it’s impossible. However, what you can do is work to prevent the amount of damage test-related stress can do to your body. Potassium and B Vitamins are essential to your health, both of which bananas can provide. An apple a day may keep the doctor away but a banana a day does more than that! By reducing stress, helping you pass tests and come through job interviews with flying colours, a banana a day can keep your wallet healthy as well. Looking to pass a test? Go in armed for battle – eat a banana!