Summer Sippin’ Drinks

One of the best things about living in Louisville is the attitude toward “southern sippin’ drinks”. It’s a luxury I know Northern folks don’t take advantage of.  My definition of a southern sippin’ drink is a small treat that allows you to stop and enjoy a summer evening even if it’s still 98 degrees at 8:00pm.  It could be a cool Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half ice tea) or a Diet Cherry Limeade. I place a Gin and Tonic, Bourbon Slush or Sangria in this category if you prefer an alcoholic drink. One of my favorite new “sippin” drink is the Lunchbox. A friend of mine from Wisconsin who now lives in Alabama introduced us to the southern version of this bar drink. It sounds really awful when you look at the ingredients but alas when these ingredients are all mixed together, you’ve got a great sippin drink. Lunch box Ingredients: Beer, Orange Juice, Armeretto Pour a glass about half full with a cold beer. Continue to fill the glass with orange juice. Add a shot of armeretto. Stir thoroughly. The 105 degree heat index just doesn’t make me want to sip the afternoon away with Diet Coke. My family who drinks tons of...Read more