Super Future Starts Here

Snow, Snow, Snow:  I’ve been watching TV news lately, and got the idea that we may get a few inches of snow soon. But a mild storm 48 hours away doesn’t always have to be the lead story, does it?

Be Nice: I’m going to try and be nice and help promote tonight’s cool panel discussion sponsored by the Society of Professional Journalists. It’s called The Future of Journalism. The five panel members are all certainly qualified to talk about the topic — Sarah Kelly of LEO, Shea Van Hoy of the Jeffersonville Evening News, Kathy Hostetter of WAVE-TV, Gabe Bullard of Louisville Public Media and John Mura of the C-J.  The event hopes to attract students, so I may bring my 12-year-old along and ask about the impact of independent media outlets like, and why only newspapers, radio and TV station are represented on the panel.

Going Polar: Even though some Kentucky politicians deny its existence, this global warming thing is real. For evidence, check out a lecture tomorrow on Bellarmine’s campus by Dr. Eric Regehr. He’s a polar bear expert, which would be a really good thing to be able to tell people at parties.

Greg Goes to Washington: The Mayor is off to D.C., where on Friday he will get to say hello to President Obama, and repeat that “jobs, jobs, jobs” mantra he keeps talking about.  But he will miss the snow here.

Jobs on the Farm: The local Food Literacy Project is hiring. Based at Oxmoor Farm, you can make $8 an hour as a “Farm Based Educator” which isn’t a lot of money but is a really good thing to do. Even better, you can volunteer to help spread the message about healthy food.

Tyler Allen Went to Indiana: He was attending a No Tolls meeting, and pushed the idea of Senate Bill 40 that would “codify” recommended cuts to the Bridges project.

SuperFest is the Derby Festival theme this year

Super News: The Kentucky Derby Festival theme announced yesterday is “SuperFest.”  So, I guess, comic book heroes.  I think we’re all going to be laughing at, not with, the Festival folks who created “Super Festival Fan” a masked man a bit on the pudgy side who lists Chow Wagon Eating Capacity to be his major strength.

Stupid is. . . Police caught up with 44-year-old Sylvester James Smith after he robbed the same Cirilla’s, on Fern Valley Road, for the second time.  No word on what compelled him to steal the entire cash register on the second holdup. Insert dildo joke here.

Stupid is. . . Update: Those two Shepherdsville guys who held up a Smokes store, and tried to get away with the 2 kids in the car — turns out one of them was one Solomon Evans, leader of a country act called the Sulcer Evans Band. Oh, and before getting caught in Oldham County, the duo had pulled off up to 30 robberies. Guess the gig is up.