Sushi-Net Networking Every First Friday

sushinetworkingNetworking can get boring sometimes, but people in Louisville, KY have been working hard to find new inventive ways to breathe life into one of our most socially connecting traditions. People like John “Z” Zeydel, founder of No Rules Networking.

No Rules refuses to be a stuffy stereotypical networking group. Instead you can expect casual meetings over drinks every first Wednesday at Cluckers in Jeffersonville, IN and every third Thursday at Joe’s Older Than Dirt in Louisville, Ky. Zeydel has also created several off-shoot networking events such as Sushi-Net Networking. It is held every first Friday of the month at the Ichiban Samurai on 1510 Lake Shore Court starting at 11:45 a.m.

As a big sushi fan, I just couldn’t say no to trying this event out.

The food is fantastic and Ichiban has some fill-you-up lunch specials that won’t empty your wallet. Don’t like sushi? No problem. At May’s meeting three people simply ordered off the steakhouse menu. They don’t judge. After all, this is an event hosted by No Rules Networking, it’s in title!

One problem I’ve had with networking events in the past is their ‘every man for themselves’ mentality. However at this event John was hands on, making sure people got settled, introducing people and setting an open and friendly example that the regulars follow almost religiously.

Everyone is amiable down to insisting on hugs instead of handshakes. Sure business cards do get exchanged, but it’s easy to spend most of your lunch chatting away about super heroes, car escapades recent movies or other simple relationship building fun topics.

Business isn’t forced and that makes the experience more genuine and laid back.

If you’ve been looking for a networking event that doesn’t feel or act like most networking events, then try out Sushi-Net Networking or any of the other No Rules Networking events. You can learn more about upcoming gatherings on their website at