Sypher in Stripes – Not a Good Look

Karen Sypher–opportunist, Succubus. connoisseur of Italian cuisine, is behind bars.

The first visitors? A psychiatrist, a priest an agent? I say the latter.

Can’t make this stuff up, can ya’? Ripped from the pages, well, restaurants of Louisville, Kentucky. I imagine a movie of the week or more than likely, a faux-female-empowered drama on Lifetime. Shame there isn’t a Good Ol’ Boy network or it would get play there.

As for highly paid sports figures who are responsible for leading young men through their athletic and academic careers–who might play the part of one of the few college coaches (and that’s getting in line behind, politicians and public servants), who did  not step down or  who was not fired for their actions?

Not this gladiator. He walked into the velvet jaws of the wrong lion.

I think Sypher is nothing more than delusional and all that is grandeur but as a thinking woman, I don’t need my glasses to see this double standard.