How technology is changing the face of business

The world of business has continued to evolve over the years. Although, certain aspects of business have continued to be traditionalized such as business meetings and business processes. However, technology can no longer be ignored; with tradition becoming costly regarding time and money.

Technology has allowed less worry with regards to international time zones; you no longer have to wait long periods of time or spend much money on international calls. Technology allows you to contact one another instantly, without the high costs of a landline. With technology closing the gap between international relations, how else has technology changed the world of business?


Not many people were happy about having to attend meetings, but it is an essential part of keeping a company running smoothly. The way that these meetings are now conducted, however, has changed over the years.

The traditional face to face meeting is in decline; in favor for video conferencing. Some people still hold meetings via a phone,  however, this is not as useful as seeing someone. Therefore, this is why video meetings have become popular. Video conferencing allows you to speak face to face, and it saves the company money in the process.

Although there are advantages to video conferencing, there are also some disadvantages. Firstly, there is a lack of body language that could cause confusion among the people attending. Secondly, depending on your internet connection, it could cause frustration from lag and connection failures.


Business travel has been part of large companies for many years. You always needed to meet with potential clients, investors or even the head office. Although video conferencing has replaced some requirements for a physical meeting, there are still times when you need to be face to face.

Many companies are having to be financially careful, so any business trips have to be justifiable and profitable. Using cheaper airlines and car services such as the DC car service in Washington can save money while still making the most of your time. You could also plan business meetings around flights, so there is no need for a hotel.


One of the biggest changes to working life for many people is the ability to work from home. The internet is becoming faster, there are more reliable connections, and with video conferencing and instant messaging, there is little that cannot be done from home with a computer.

The only downside is that there is a lack of social interaction between work colleagues. In some cases, it might be weeks before everyone needs to go to the office for a meeting or training.

The savings, however, outweigh the loss of social interaction. Companies can rent smaller office space and use less energy, and some small businesses have switched to employing freelance staff as opposed to recruiting themselves. This provides more freedom and flexibility about how and when work should be carried out; they also do not have to worry about human resources.

Although there is an abundance of good reasons why we should allow technology to improve business, we should also be aware of the potential problems. With less reliance on people, there is a risk that workers will become isolated. There could also be a lack of communication, causing long-lasting issues.