TGIF Local Lunch Post – APRON Inc. Louisville Wears it Well!

Tie one on! The good folks at APRON, Inc. serve up the kindness.

Known as a garment that protects or decorates, the apron is the simplest and most fitting title for an organization that keeps watch over the countless number of  employees in our local dining establishments.

If you see someone in an apron today – bringing your food, on the line, ringing up your tab, pouring a beverage, clearing your table –  offer a word of thanks.

The art and action of kindness is alive and well in Louisville. Creative ways to enhance lives and organize funds are the focus of today’s post.

In 2011, APRON Inc. was founded by a group of individuals connected to Louisville’s thriving independent restaurant community. Knowing what it takes to keep the doors open and the ovens hot, several owners, servers, chefs, and others took that concern a step further and created a mission to sustain those workers in the kitchen and on the floor who may not have the coverage it takes to get through a financial crisis.

Using the model for Musician’s Emergency Resource Foundation (MERF), Gary Fox, co-founder and president of APRON, Inc. found this to be most positive action to take in maintaining a sense of support for the burgeoning restaurant family,  financially and otherwise.

Fox is a server at Equus & Jack’s Lounge and is keenly aware of the hardships that can derail the cash flow of this laboring force. Unexpected bills, lack of healthcare benefits, automotive trouble or accidents – just one of these instances can overwhelm the employees who live from paycheck to paycheck.

Their mission statement is published on the APRON Inc. website for workers who may need it and anyone who wants to become a supporter.

The mission of APRON Inc. is to provide temporary, limited financial relief to professional food and beverage industry workers in the Louisville, KY metro area who work at locally owned establishments and who are experiencing financial distress due to illness, injury or other issues. Food service professionals who have suffered an accident, family emergency, criminal act committed against such person or other catastrophic event are eligible for assistance.

If you want to tie one on with APRON, Inc. your best bet is to attend the Roaring 20s-style fundraiser Speakeasy Sunday, June 3 at Theatre Square Marketplace, 651 S. 4th Street. Tickets are $25 and can be purchased on the APRON, Inc. website –  just follow this link to register and get your tix.

Here is the current mouth-watering list of participating restaurants for the Sunday Speakeasy. Flappers get your forks! Dandies get your dancing shoes!

Against The Grain- Chef Reed Johnson
Asiatique- Chef Peng Looi
Bourbon’s Bistro- Chef Michael Crouch
Equus & Jack’s Lounge- Chef Tavis Rockwell
Louisville Dessert Truck – Chef Leah Stewart
Majid’s- Mixologist Stephan Dennison
Porcini- Tim Coury & Chef John Plymale
Seviche – Chef Anthony Lamas
Science Hill Inn-Chef Ellen Gill-McCarthy
Theater Square Marketplace-Chef Dallas McGarity
Volare- Chef Joshua Moore
Winston’s- Chefs John Castro & Tyson Long

This list may be updated so keep up with the APRON, Inc. website and Facebook page.

Thanks for reading and feel free to share your favorite local independent restaurants and groceries who help get that midday meal on the table or in your lunch pail. If you know of anyone on a wait staff, chef, cook, bartender who deserves a shout out, post it here or on the TGIF Local Lunch Facebook page.

This week honors the staff and crew who make it all happen.  Thanks as always for feeding the local economy and kudos to the founders and supporters of APRON, Inc. for all you do. See you at the Speakeasy!