TGIF Local Lunch Post – Apron Inc., Serving the Deserving

A savory chicken salad sandwich with a little garden on the side at the historic Theater Square Marketplace.

Keeping up with the good people at Apron Inc. this week.

Earlier this year , the newly formed charitable organization gathered with sponsors, volunteers, and dining patrons  in a fundraiser to generate cash and awareness for the at-risk restaurant community.

Enjoying the Roaring 20s flair of “Speakeasy Sunday,” the crowd of dandies and flappers filled Theater Square Marketplace where many toast was raised (and funds), to honor the men and women who greet, seat, cook, and clean for us in Louisville’s thriving restaurant industry.

As stated on their website and Facebook page: The mission of Apron to provide temporary, limited financial relief to professional food and beverage industry workers in the Louisville, KY metro area who work at locally owned establishments and who are experiencing financial distress due to illness, injury or other issues.

Following the lead of Musician’s Emergency Resource Foundation in Louisville and taking a cue from the national organization, Sweet Relief: Healing Musicians In Need, Apron Inc. hopes to live up to their slogan, “Helping You Out of the Weeds” for the culinary industry.

This list has grown since I first ran the story here at LouisvilleKY so check into these supporting restaurants for a delicious meal and  possibly a way to contribute to needs of Apron Inc.

Some of these establishments are not open for lunch but I encourage you to enjoy their dinner or brunch menus over the weekend. And thank them for their support – assistance from Apron Inc. could be the best tip a server could get.

Against The Grain- Chef Reed Johnson

Asiatique– Chef Peng Looi

Bourbons Bistro– Chef Michael Crouch

Corbett’s – Dean Corbett

Equus & Jack’s Lounge– Chef Tavis Rockwell

Louisville Dessert Truck – Chef Leah Stewart

Majid’s- Mixologist Stephan Dennison

Pappalino’s – Allen Rosenburg

Porcini- Tim Coury & Chef John Plymale

Seviche – Chef Anthony Lamas

Science Hill Inn – Chef Ellen Gill-McCarthy

Theater Square Marketplace – Chef Dallas McGArity

Volare– Chef Joshua Moore

Winston’s– Chefs John Castro & Tyson Long

To contact Apron Inc email Gary Fox at or c all 502.220.4800

Thanks for supporting our local, independent dining establishments, farm markets, and grocery stores! Have a great weekend!