TGIF Local Lunch Post – Best Places to Break Bread After the Election

Start fresh! So many salads to choose from at the Comeback Inn. Dine in or get a sub to go!

After one of the most frustrating, intense, and polarizing elections in recent history, some savory food for thought might boost our appetite as well as our spirit as  move toward the weekend.  Put down your swords and shields and pick up your fork and knife, pass the olive branch, and bless your meal.

Today, a few of the Facebook foodie friends have the page offering their lunchtime suggestions that support our local, independent culinary community.

The highlight goes to  Come Back Inn: An Italian-American Pub. Check out their Lunch Menu here. A tip of the toque goes to Chef Leslie Stewart for sharing her suggestion today.

And now, We the Peeps take it away! Have  a great weekend everyone.

Tonya Buckler Hillbilly Tea!


Maria Hostetler Giacalone Impellizzeri’s!


Leslie Stewart Few American cities dish up Democratic politics like Chicago – a big, hearty Chicago-style Italian sub at the Come Back Inn would be a good one. I don’t think Mark and Gina Wagner own it any more, but I’m pretty sure it’s still local


Michele Larocque Please & Thank You


Robin Garr Thinking about  Chinese as a thumb in the eye of Mitt’s outsourcing …


Leigh Ann Northcutt –  Hi, Doll. My fave places to eat on Fridays are Taco PunkLil Cheezers, or Toast on Market!! ♥ living here! 😀


Samantha Norgren Good to hear a report on That Place on Goss; was wondering


Susan Linville Get fancy at Jack Fry’s


Kathy Markham  City Cafe.


Bob Bahr Oh how I miss Bearno’s. Black olive, onion, and Italian sausage


Marcia Kelly Ollie”s Trolley… Enjoyed Ollie burger and fries yesterday…yumo


Natalie Fry Bajandas  Joe Davola’s is The BEST local quick lunch… For a vegetarian the Violent Veggie Meatloaf sandwich or the Santa Fe salad ( sub avocado for chicken) … Otis, Patience, Cecilia and Chris are so incredibly awesome at service. Adore the place #Joe Davola’s.


Teresa Thurman Cowles The Cafe on Brent Street, across from Louisville Stoneware


 Sue HanklaMojito’s Tapas out in Holiday Manor.

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