TGIF Local Lunch Post – Building the Best Day-After Sandwich

Spread some love! Southern favorite Duke's mayo on your Valu-Market shelf.

I’m not sure if Norman Rockwell painted a Thanksgiving leftover portrait but he should have. Not only is a turkey with the works sandwich a slice of Americana, I consider the clever use of leftovers to be a joyous patriotic duty. Especially when the bounty of your platter is grown or purchased locally!

For the best bread for your bird, start with fresh-baked goodness at Great Harvest Bread Co from their daily schedule of Honey Whole Wheat, Farmhouse White and Nine Grain. Gluten-free breads and sweets are also available, thank you.

For the ultimate local spread, check out this historic Stewart’s recipe from the C-J’s Ron Mikulak. The grand department store’s recipe for homemade mayonnaise is simple and will entertain your taste buds and sense of nostalgia.

In a hurry but don’t want to skimp on taste? My personal favorite, and I know I’m in good Southern company, is Duke’s mayonnaise. It’s finger lickin’ good and the amount that actually makes it from the knife to the bread will make for a robust sandwich experience. Miles Standish would pass out cold for a chance to get a taste of either of these savory spreads!

Lettuce from our Hoosier neighbors at Grateful Greens available at Valu Market and Bibb from Old Louisville’s The Root Cellar puts the green in your juicy Dagwood stacker. Locally grown produce at The Root Cellar also included  heirlooms and green tomatoes and will be open this weekend.

For kraut or crispy pickles, check out the good people out Frankfort way with Sour Power. A burst of vinegar, cukes or cabbage   lends some zang to any sandwich, on the side or inside.

Top your creation with a slice of Kenny’s Country Cheese! Say, Colby -Chipotle or Cheddar Tomato-Basil? Hallelujah!

A chilled tumbler of JD Country Milk from our Russellville, KY neighbors should quench your thirst and nourish as well.

Shop these local markets for the items mentioned above –  Paul’s Fruit MarketValu MarketBurger’s Market, Rainbow Blossom and our Louisville area Farmer’s Markets. (check for fall-winter schedules).

Give thanks as well as your business to local merchants and growers through the holidays!